Heart Tomb (full text plus extra)


"He Yi sold all his stocks a few days ago and bought the house at a price of more than 6 million yuan. The account name is his father." She opened the door with the key and took Zhao Shicheng around the newly decorated house. He Yi's family is quite superior, his grandfather used to be a provincial cadre, so his mother occupies an absolute dominant position in the family, both before and after people are quite prominent. Eight years ago, the old couple had an emotional dispute, and his father was kicked out of the mall and almost driven out by the net household. She told him briefly about her husband's family background. When we got married, all the money was invested in the company. After preparing for the wedding, He Yi didn't have much money. It was his father who vacated the only house for us to make a wedding room, but he rented a house for a living. So, at that time, He Yi said that as long as he had money, he would buy a lot of houses for his father to make up for the old man. She explained quietly, "In the second year of marriage, he bought a house for his father, and then in the third and fourth years.." This is the fourth house. "You didn't stop it?" He was surprised. If her husband is going to divorce, she will suffer a lot. I know, maybe it's filial piety, maybe it's very possible that he's been paving the way for himself. She said very lightly,polyfoil tube, "Human nature is very complicated, even if you think you understand it very well, you still can't guess it in the end." In recent years, she has been uncertain about how many divorce plans he has saved. However, if the feelings are gone, Ruirui can not keep this family, even if I hold all the finances,plastic laminted tube, what do I do with the money? The greatest use of money is that it can buy a lot of things, and the most useless place of money is that it can not buy happiness. She was born in a wealthy family, and money is the goal of her struggle, but not the ultimate goal. She was afraid that her daughter would lose her smile. That's not the point. She looked around the house, "When he bought the house, he did not use the funds shared by our husband and wife, nor the dividends of the company, but the private money he earned from his own investment outside." "He hid it from everyone, even my father-in-law, who did not know the existence of the house." This apartment, about 150 square meters, quiet environment, elegant decoration, aluminium laminated tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, is really suitable. Hide a spoiled child. And start a new family. Then how did you. Zhao Shicheng was confused. Have you forgotten? The name of the spouse column on his marriage certificate is always me. I want to play some tricks and get a bunch of keys. It's too simple. She said lightly. The problem is, the purpose of her trickery. In the evening, he asked Du Xiaowen to come here. She is very light and very cold. Zhao Shicheng shook. Chapter 16 "In this house, you can see every move on the opposite side." The investigation agency helped her borrow the room from others, and the view was excellent. Also, binoculars, radio monitors. Everything is ready. If they.. What are you going to do. Zhao Shicheng asked slowly, looking at her mature, rational, bright and moving. Just hit the grass to frighten the snake? Or is everything quiet? So what if you see it? It's just to let your emotions and reason begin to compete and torture yourself. Don't worry, if they really have something.. Excessive behavior, I will appear. As for you. He took one look at her, and finally, he said very slowly, "If you still want this marriage, you should think more about the children in your belly." He could see that she had a last shred of affection for the man. She was very clever, and part of the reason why she took him was that she wanted to use him. He does. Ask a shake. He put her to shame with his honest and clear eyes. Only Dr. Zhao, you are wrong. About the question of whether the baby in her belly will stay or not. He Yi went to the room first. This house is really intended to accommodate Xiaowen. Sitting alone on the sofa, he was stunned for a long time. His trouble is getting bigger and bigger. He knows it, but he doesn't know how to end it. Every step, like a hand of fate, is pushing him forward. He felt that he was a failure, and he was frustrated by failure. Doorbell, ring. He sprang to his feet. Outside the door stood Xiaowen, who had lost a lot of weight. The chin became so sharp that it was poignant to be thin and pointed. She hung her head. With a sigh, he reached out and led her in. He did not have such a temperament. He always treated everything with a casual tone and a casual attitude. Only to her did he become unlike himself. As soon as he held her hand, her tears could not help falling down. As soon as he led her into the room, he turned around and watched her crying silently. His throat tightened and he could not speak. What's the matter with me? Her head hung low all the time, and there were drops of water on the ground. He could only ask, "Are you all right?" "Do you still care about good and bad?" She gave a sad smile. As soon as she had finished speaking, she suddenly felt sick to her stomach, pounded her lips, and wanted to vomit. It was too painful to vomit, but tears fell all over the floor. I'm sorry He, who was silently accused by her tears, felt guilty when he saw her suffering for the baby in her belly. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. Soon, his chest was soaked with water. Xiaowen, I'm sorry! He kept apologizing. But the whole shoulder of the man in his arms trembled violently. Don't you care about me? Why do you keep calling me?! She wept bitterly and thumped him on the shoulder. How can I not care about you, I have always loved, is you ah! He blurted out anxiously. He never doubted his love for her. But you don't care about the baby in my belly. Her eyes flashed with tears of pain, "You don't want to divorce Song Yu,tube lip gloss, you don't want to marry me!" He also has a trapped soul at the bottom of his eyes. Yeah, he doesn't want a divorce. Not at all. Besides, he was afraid that Mrs. He would know about it. emptycosmetictubes.com

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